Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Gainesville may experience record low

By ANA GONI–LESSAN, Alligator Contributing Writer
Weather analysts predict that Gainesville will see a record temperature drop to 33 degrees early Wednesday morning.

A cold front is expected to move into northwest Florida, followed by a cold air mass from Canada.

“The air coming behind the cold front is going to be even colder because of where it’s coming from,” said Phil Peterson, a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Jacksonville.

The previous record cold for April 8 was in 2007, with a morning temperature of 35 degrees, according to the National Weather Service Web site.

Gainesville has already experienced record heat, a dry spell and record rainfall this year, Peterson said.

“The whole year has been very strange,” he said.

Frankie Hall, the director of the agriculture policy division of the Federal Farm Bureau Federation, said some vegetables like watermelon, peppers and green beans might be damaged by the cold weather.

“A late frost could hurt these tender crops,” Hall said.

Farmers in North Florida do not have irrigation systems that farmers in South Florida have, which also can be used to blanket the crops with ice to protect them from freezing.

“At this time, we’re at Mother Nature’s hand,” he said. “We just hope and pray that it is not as bad as they predicted it to be.”

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